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Central California Rails is centered around Stockton, California, United States of America. Stockton is a community of roughly 250,000. It is located approximately 80 miles east of San Francisco. and 35 miles south of Sacramento.

Stockton is served by the BNSF and the Union Pacific. And it is also served by two Shortlines. The Central California Traction, and The Stockton Terminal and Eastern. This in addition to several industrial plants that have their own railroads. Such as Cargill(SW1) & Corn products(CF7).

BNSF and UP come together in a one block area that until 08:00 am Tuesday January 12, 1999 was governed by BNSF's Stockton Tower. control is now done by BNSF's San Bernardino Dispatch Center and is now called "Keddie Junction" by the BNSF. Amtrak's San Joaquin also serve the town 12 times daily with four trains running between Sacramento and Bakersfield, and eight trains running between Oakland and Bakersfield. ACE runs Stockton to San Jose Four times a day Monday through Friday except holidays in the morning, the same 4 trains return in the later afternoon early evening.

Below you will find PHOTOS of the Stockton area. PHOTOS and A MAP of the Stockton Tower Area, You will also find pictures of the various CALIFORNIA RAILROAD MUSEUMS.

At the Top of this page, you will find a navigation bar to get you to the following CCR features: A RAILROAD MULTIMEDIA page with WAVs, MPEGs, RR Info Files and more. You will also find a HAUNTED RAILS feature that will feature a image of a fallen flag that still roams the rails today, this page will change occasionally when the opportunity for new fallen flag images present themselves.

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