SP Stockton Yard

The Southern Pacific yard in Stockton closed permanently on July 1, 1999. This follows the re-opening of the Roseville Yard. the photos on this page were taken by Scott Thomas. Scott was able to get up inside the SP Yard Tower and get these photos.

Looking northeast. Former SP tracks are on the close side of the telephone poles, while WP trackage is on the far side. The SP mainlines are the 3rd and 4th tracks from the left...
Looking south. The two tracks for yard power are in the middle. That is water, not snow in the pans! They yard is accessed from the road next to the engine track. It curves between a couple businesses and Heinz. Employee parking is straight down and to the right, yard office straight down, 20 ft to the right. Wooden pallets in background are on Heinz property...
Looking south. Yard and mainlines visible.

UP 1181 and 1193 shove a cut of cars past the tower into the yard
UP 1181 and 1193 shove a cut of cars past the tower into the yard
UP 1181 and 1193 tie up after a days work.
SP 2618 and 2593 come in with the industry job

After dropping off their cars, they go for the quit.
UP 6102 east heads past on the former WP mainline.
SP 8703 trails.
The yardmaster at his post (I'm facing east in this picture).

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