Last Run of the Tidewater

The Tidewater Southern's 9th street trackage in Modesto saw it's last train on November 27, 1999. Surprisingly there were only a handful of railfans on hand to record the event. The 12 photos on this page more or less will take you from Stockton to the exit from 9th street. It was foggy for the first part of the day, only clearing as the train prepared to depart. The rest of the Tidewater trackage between Modesto and Stockton will still see activity to serve the customers between those two points. The interchange traffic for the M&ET will be delivered via the UP Fresno line.

SB DRGW #3075 approaches Airport Way enroute to Modesto. They departed Stockton at 0843.
Crossing French Camp Road.
Paralleling French Camp Road approaching Hwy 120.
In Escalon, having just made the curve, the train thunders past.

Approaching E. River Road between Escalon and Riverbank.
It has arrived! DRGW 3075 eases onto 9th street passing the Old Mill Inn...also an Icon
Making the run down 9th street, the engineer stopped at all the red lights as well.
The run down 9th street is almost completed as the train begins to leave 9th street

Upon arrival at the M&ET, they found that the M&ET had not cleared the yard, so there was no room, as a result we see a rare picture. as they shoved the train in two sections down B street to the SP/ME&T interchange...
Their job completed, UP670N now heads back up 9th street, with one SP boxcar in tow.
They make the curve in front of the Old Mill Cafe.
The time is 12:23pm, the Tidewater is done. The Old Mill Inn is schedule to join the TS in History later this year.

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