Florida East Coast

All photos by Chuck Holthoff unless otherwise noted

Florida East Coast is now in possession of some ex Union Pacific SD40-2's, here are a pair
Business Car Azalea getting cleaned up

FEC 435 just took on sand and is ready to go
FEC 661" just resting"
FEC 15696 with the new small logo

MP 38.2 at sunset in St. Augustine Fl
FEC 2000 was just fueled and is about ready to lead it's run to Miami
Another view of FEC 2000 at Bowden Yard

Another view of FEC 2000 at Bowden Yard
Another view of FEC 2000 at Bowden Yard
FEC 428 at Bowden Yard
FEC 435 at Bowden Yard

FEC 445 at Bowden Yard
FEC 414 at St. Augustine
FEC 426 at St. Augustine
FEC 658 at St. Augustine

FEC 417 at Bowdin Yard
FEC 419 at Bowdin Yard
FEC 440 at Bowdin Yard
FEC 668 at Bowdin Yard

FEC 431 at St Augustine heads North to Jacksonville
During a power crunch, NS provided power assistance, 8921 heads south with the afternoon Pigs
FEC 449 sports the new Operation Lifesaver paint scheme
Close up of the Operation Lifesaver paint job on FEC 449

FEC 445 northbound and enroute to Bowden Yard.
FEC 433 at Ft. Lauderdale, headed south to Miami.
FEC 433 at the yard limits in Ft. Lauderdale.
FEC 422 heading south to Miami at MP 33.

FEC 510 and two others back up to their train at Hialeah Yard.
FEC 233 rests at the end of a long days work in summer of 1998
FEC 432 hustles south at MP 33.
FEC office at MP 36 in St. Augustine. Foreground water is the San Sebastian River

FEC 503 heads up a local to Daytona.
FEC Caboose #814 brings up the rear. Robert Fish /Rich Warner photo.
FEC 420 and 428 head out of St. Augustine and across the San Sebastian River bridge.
FEC 444 sports the 100 years anniversary paint seen here at Hialeah Yard in Miami.

FEC 407 hustles north out of St. Augustine.
FEC 411 halts just north of St. Augustine for a crew change.
FEC 415 seen here at Bowden Yard in Jacksonville.
FEC 418 at MP 36.2 also heads north out of St. Augustine.

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