Good Bye Stockton Tower

May 27, 1999 at 1050 PDT, the Stockton Tower was razed, I began railfanning the Tower area in 1990, I am at a loss for words as a historical Icon came down today. On hand to witness the event were 8 railfans, regulars at the Stockton Tower, no media was on hand to record the event for posterity.

Sacramento-Bakersfield run of the San Joaquin, passes the soon-to-be razed tower.
BNSF 743 West, the RICBAR, was the last BNSF train to pass the still-standing Tower.
The Old girl proved to be tough, they had to undercut the west side before it would fall.
More west side under-cutting.

She still refuses to fall, more under-cutting is needed.
Cables are attached to a bulldozer and a steam shovel, they begin pulling.
With a horrendous moan the tower begins to fall,
The Tower is on target for the location that they wanted the tower to fall.

In a cloud of dust and a dull thud, she hit the ground.
Like a elephant that tripped, she lays on her side, the second and third floor came down relatively intact.
Another view of the downed tower.
Another view of the downed tower, I left at this point, feeling the need to go someplace less stressful.

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