California Railfans

Central California Rails is proud to host the California Railfans E-mail list. This list was established on Oct 27, 1998, because California being the third largest state in the union is the second in Rail traffic with lots of new rail action and changes to keep up with.

The rules of the California Railfan List are simple

1...The List content must preferably contain California Railroad information, But due to popular request, and effective 9/27/04, topics can include Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona. This content may include questions, information, updates, etc.
2...If you must Flame someone you better do it off-list.
3...You only get one chance to post deliberate mis-leading information. I will remove you from the list immediately.
4...Cross-posting will be allowed as long as the info is accurate.
5...Common sense rules and basic Netiquette apply.
6...Under NO circumstances are you to join this list with the purpose in mind to Send SPAM messages. If you do, you will be unsubscribed immediately, and your message and E-mail address will be forwarded to Yahoogroups's SPAM team as well as anyone else that I can think of. 
7...Ads for Railroad or Model Railroad items that pertain to California, Nevada, Oregon, and Arizona ARE allowable as long as they are kept simple.
8...New members will be moderated until we see that their posts are of railroad nature, and not SPAM. Once we see that you are a legitimate member railfan we will remove the moderation.
9...Under no circumstances are you to use the information on this list for the purpose of train-hopping. Activity like that will get you automatically banned, and your E-mail address sent to various List owners and RRPD.
10...Off topic discussions happen and we will allow them from time to time as long as they are handled without flames.
11...Please do not put political statements into your tagline signature. This is to avoid political fights on the list only.
12..The QUICKEST way to agitate me, is to moderate the list for me. If you have an issue with another list member, a message that is posted or the way the list in moderated please contact the Listowner or a moderator off-list. Under no circumstances should you publicly criticize anyone on this list or the way it is managed.

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Please direct Questions to David Epling.

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