Napa Valley Wine Train

The Napa Valley Wine Train runs twice a day for lunch and dinner, and is operated by the Shortline, Napa Valley Railroad. The Wine Train runs between Napa California and St Helena. On March 15, 2001, I was allowed to accompany Conductor Kent Kahle and Engineer Darrell Tilcock on the day's run of the Lunch Train. Upon arrival, I signed the release form and Kent took me on a tour of the inside of the train itself. I had left my camera in the car, so no pictures were taken of the beautifully restored interiors. the 27 pictures on this page were all taken from the inside of NVR's Alco FPA-4's #70 and #71, with the exception of the last image which was taken at the conclusion of the day. I would like to thank the Napa Valley Railroad for allowing me to ride that day.

Engineer Tilcock performs the mandatory air test.
Looking south from the locomotives. this is where the train is serviced and stored.
Looking north, these are the NVR's Locomotive shops. the locomotive in the barn is the freight locomotive, and the locomotive on the right is being converted to run on natural gas.
Arrival at the Napa Station to pick up the day's passengers, the day started cloudy but cleared up for the trip back to Napa later.

We are now leaving Napa, the gates are turned on by the conductor
The VA Home in Yountville. the mustard is heavy in the valley at this time of year.
Just north of Yountville the train climbs a 1.5% Grade, but it never felt like it
At the top of the Yountville Hill, the grade is lined by these trees, very beautiful when in full bloom.

Approaching Grgich Winery, The train will stop here and drop off anyone who wants to visit the winery, the train stops again on the way south to pick them up.
Another view of the Napa Valley Scenery.
Another view of the Napa Valley Scenery, the Valley is also home to hot air balloon rides.
St Helena, shortly we will run around the train with the locomotives for the trip south.

Arriving on Schedule at St Helena. the depot is one of the oldest in California
Having disconnected from the cars, we begin to run around them on the main
The whole train as we move onto the siding to re-connect the train. notice the Sun has now come out.
Almost connected to the train.

Highball South.
Approaching Rutherford, this was actually on the Northbound trip, but I only shot southbound Rutherford with my 35mm, I will replace this one when it is developed.
Oakville California.
Another view of Yountville Hill, this time we are going down the hill.

One of many wineries in the Valley, this one is just north of Yountville.
My Favorite looking Winery, this one is just south of Yountville
Vineyards just Northwest of Napa
Discharging Passengers back at Napa

Crossing the Napa River enroute to tie the train down
The train has been tucked away, crews will now clean the train and restock it, in 3 hours...the dinner train departs and the cycle begins again

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