Southern Pacific Photos
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Un-patched SP 284 works a WB out of Sparks as a DPU April 25, 2003
SP 4303 survives in Ely Nevada, owned by BHP Nevada. June 22, 2003

SP 7119 un-patched and idling at the west end of Sparks Yard Dec 15, 2002
SP 7638 at the east end of Sparks Yard
SP 4303 on the Nevada Northern at Ely. Grant Vogel photo 
SSW 9864 getting ready to leave east out of Sparks yard Sparks NV


SP 8613 is part of Union Pacific's Power that was interchanging with Trona Railway.
SP 7121 un-patched idles at the east end of the Sparks NV yard. Victoria Epling Photo.
SP 9750 un-patched heads west out of Reno towards Roseville.
SP 8247 runs regularly between Roseville and Fresno.

SP 7613 runs light from Pittsburg Ca to Martinez CA after dropping cars in Pittsburg.
SP 8239 runs back and forth between Roseville and Fresno.
SP SD50 #5513 runs light through Stockton. John Manter Photo
SP 9334 Leads a Southbound Manifest at the Stockton tower in 1986. Brian Clough photo

SP 8246 Trails SP 8230 in Stockton. Southbound Fresno Local at the ST&E Yard
SP 8292 Trails SP 8230 in Stockton. this unit was in the lead for the NB trip the next day when the moron in Elk Grove was struck by the train in February 2001.
SP Fresno Local and a BNSF BARPAS meet just south of El-Pinal
ALL SP Consist at Oakland's Jack London Square Amtrak Station. Nov 18, 2000

SP 7616 in Oakdale of the Oakdale Local
SP 8230 heads up the southbound Fresno Local just south of El Pinal.
SP 8230 heads up the southbound Fresno Local approaching the tower
SP 7601, GP40-P2, former passenger unit, works around Stockton

SP 4831 at rest in Tracy CA.
SP 4843 died on the law at Cal-Cedar in Stockton.
SP 7118, they died because 7118 broke down and they lost time going back to get 4843
SP 7133 at rest in Lodi. the Lodi Local ties down in Lodi now.

SP 1533, Privately owned but currently on a siding in Stockton on the ST&E
The Tunnels in SP paint are slowly dying
Swift Roadrailers in Stockton, CA. Stanley Keiser Photo
SSW 7637, Lead unit of the Lodi Local

SP 7609, second of two units in the Lodi Local
Fresh Paint and unusual number font caught my eye today (9/9/00) on SP 2536 at Roseville.
SP 128 leads a Empty NB unit Coal train through Stockton.
SP 120 was the third unit of the same NB Coal train.

SP 8497 lays over at the Stockton Shops.
SP 9765 heads north with a Intermodel train in tow.
SP 2610 between assignments at the UP yard in Stockton.
SP 8262 between assignments at the UP yard in Stockton.

Railroad Gif's Drawn and copyrighted by David Epling & Dan Klitzing. Re-posted here with permission

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