Eastern Railroads

Alto Tower Sign for the Cassandra Bridge Cassandra Bridge NS 6755 at Cassandra NS 9396 at Cassandra

Alto Tower and Cassandra images by Denise Biel

Denise Biel took the following pictures during a visit to Pennsylvania, they are of Altoona Railroaders Museum, The Gallitzin Tunnels, and Horseshoe Curve.

Juanita Shops / Altoona Railroaders Museum

Norfolk Southern's Juanita shops Altoona Railroader Museum Backhead of a Steam Locomotive, Altoona PA Altoona Railroad Ambulance

Norfolk Southern's Juanita Locomotive Shops
Outside main entrance of the Altoona Railroaders Museum
Backhead of a steam locomotive on display at the Altoona Railroaders Museum
Altoona Hospital Ambulance on display in the Altoona Railroaders Museum

Horseshoe Curve

Pennsylvania GP9 #7409 Horsehoe Curve Display Norfolk Southern 9338 at Horseshoe Curve Amtrak 198 and the Broadway Limited
 Amtrak 198 and the Broadway Limited Norfolk Southern 8340 (Ex Conrail) at Horseshoe Curve Amtrak Broadway Limited

Pennsylvania Railroad GP9 #7409 stands as a sentinel to the entrance to the Horseshoe Curve Park
Norfolk Southern #9338 leads a Freight train around the curve
Amtrak #198 leads the Broadway Limited around the curve
Same Amtrak just a little further around the curve
Conrail (NS Patch 8340) leads another fright around the curve
And the opposite Broadway Limited makes it way up the grade

Gallitzin Tunnels

Gallitzen Tunnels Gallitzen Tunnels Gallitzen Tunnels
 Gallitzin Tunnels Gallitzin Tunnels Gallitzin Tunnels Gallitzin Tunnels

Sign announcing the Gallitzin Tunnels Park and Museum
Railfanning is like fishing, you never know when you are gonna get a bite
A nibble
A bite
GOT IT!!, Norfolk Southern merchandise freight blasts out of the tunnel
What? Another fish on the second hook! An Empty NS Coal train comes up the second track
Both trains side by side. The Gallitzin Park also is home to a PRR caboose, that photo is on the Caboose Page

Adam Finger sent me these Conrail photos, so I put them on their own page. Enjoy

Conrail 3314, GP40-2 leads a mix freight at Bayview, NY.
Conrail 4126, SD80MAC leads a westbound mixed freight.
Conrail 5067, Conrail C44-9 leads a piggyback train on CSX track.
Conrail 6062, Eastbound doublestack leaving Tift Street Yard.

Conrail 6210, A Westbound coal train led by a C44-9 at Bayview, NY.
Conrail 6435, SD40-2 leads a mix freight through Bayview, NY.
Conrail 6457, Eastbound SD40-2 departs from Frontier Yard in Buffalo.
Conrail 6472, In Albany, a SD40-2 with help from two SD60s pulls a piggyback train.

Conrail 7497, CSX renumbered C40-8 switches at Tift Street Yard.
Conrail 8110, Conrail C30-7 leads and NS mixed freight at Bayview, NY.
Conrail 8182, A GP38-2 switches in Buffalo.
Conrail 8349, NS renumbered Conrail C44-9 leads a coal train at Sloan, NY.

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