Eastern Railroad Museums

During the Rails Across America trip in 1999, we stopped at three museums. The Maine Narrow Gauge RR Museum in Portland, ME, The Seashore Trolley Museum in Kennebunkport, ME, and Steamtown in Scranton, PA. All photos by the Webmaster. Video footage of the Maine Narrow gauge and Steamtown are available in MPEG format and those clips are located on the CCR - Multimedia page. I have since been sent images taken at the Whippany NJ Railroad Museum. Some of those pictures are here, the cabooses are on the caboose page. I am also adding images sent to me from the B&O museum in Maryland

These 4 pictures are of the B&O museum. Photos taken before the roof collapsed. Carol Orndorff photos

Description of Toothpick Locomotive NYC museum Elkhart IN Rear of Toothpick Locomotive NYC museum Elkhart IN Front of Toothpick Locomotive NYC museum Elkhart IN

These three images are of a Pennsylvania K4 Steam locomotive made of matchsticks. it is complete with moving parts and is on display at the New York Central Railroad Museum in Elkhart Indiana. All Three photos taken by Nexxie

Whippany MoW Hook Suzie Q Critter Suzy Q Critter and Bobber caboose US ARmy 4039 undergoing restoration at Whippany

Equipment at the Whippany Railway Museum, MOW Hook and what looks like an ALCo RS. Denise Biel photo
Suzie Q Critter and Caboose. Denise Biel photo
US army 0-6-0 #4039 being restored at the Whippany Railway Museum. Denise Biel photo

Maine Narrow Gauge RR Museum

This is the train that was running that day.
What the engineer sees, the train travels alongside the Casco Bay waterfront
MNG was testing the boiler on the steam engine at the end of track.
End of the train.

Seashore Trolley Museum

This tower heralds the Entrance to the museum.
The main building that houses the museum Store, and trolley boarding area
3rd Ave Trolley.
Open Trolley outbound to the end of track.

Trolley Car 4387.
Another view of the open Trolley
One of 6 trolley barns is in the background of this photo.
4387 arrives back at the main boarding location

Steamtown National Park

Main entrance to the museum. the only day of the 3 week trip that it rained
UP Big Boy 4012 also sits at the entrance
walkway view from the roundhouse.
In the middle of the Roundhouse.

Another walkway view gives a better look at the Steam Crane.
Maine Central #516
View of the tracks from the walkway that goes to a shopping mall.
View of the yard form the opposite side of the walkway

Steamtown runs daily excursions. here BLW 26 backs down past the tower.
Having completed it's back-up move, BLW26 heads out for it's trip
HO scale display of Steamtown in it's Heyday.
Another HO Scale view of Steamtown in it's Heyday, push buttons at various locations around the display activate working models.

BLW26 returns form it's trip. John Manter photo.
90' turntable in the Steamtown Roundhouse. John Manter photo
Steam loco awaiting restoration along with Steamtown's Large passenger car collection. John Manter photo
NH Trap Rock on display in the middle of the Roundhouse. John Manter photo

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