Silver Bend Farm

The Silver Bend Farm is located in Clarksburg California about 10 miles Southwest of Sacramento. Bob Kirtlan, the owner has a neat collection of old Tractors, and old Train cars and locomotives, among the locomotives are #203, a GE 25 Tonner, the complete parts to a Shay, The Folsom Prison 0-4-0T, another 0-4-0T lettered for Silver Bend and used on weekends, and currently the Edison 0-4-0T that was at Railfair 99 is stored there. Bob's freight collection includes 5 cabooses (YV/CCT 16, OPE no # available, NWP 19, SN 1638 and GNx421, the latter 3 are used on the train) and one cattle car WP 0977. During the Month of October, Silver Bend is open as a pumpkin patch, among the attractions are the Train, Barnyard animals, Blacksmith, Haunted House, Haybale maze, Cornfield maze, Indian Village, and Hayrides. I am one of Bob's engineers, the pictures that follow were taken 10/17/2000 before the GN caboose was added to the consist, and the numbers correspond to the locations of the numbers on the map. Enjoy, and if you are in the area...stop by. Click Here for a Roster and history of Silverbend's Locomotives Caboose pictures can be found on the caboose index page of this website.

1 2 3 4

1. Train has just discharged 4 classes of Kindergartners at the Pumpkin patch
2. Control Stand of the 203
3. Departing the station
4. Curve #1

5 6 7 8

5. Approaching country store (closed at this time)
6. Just across the first grade crossing, and skirting the river levee
7. Down the back stretch
8. Curve #3, heavily wooded, the bushes on the right are wild blackberry

9 10 11 12

9. Approaching Pumpkin Patch Station
10. Passing the Wye, GN and CCT Caboose, WP Cattle car are stored here
11. Enginehouse. 2 stalls, but only one track is laid for now
12. Curve #4 passes the enginehouse

13 14 15 16

13. Silver Bend #202 on the engine house lead, this is used on the weekends.
14. S Curve crosses a grassy area, almost to the station
15. Approaching the station, the remains of a Oregon, Pacific & Eastern Caboose.
16. Webmaster at the throttle after the run. David Booth Digital image.

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