CalTrain-San Francisco Commute

Along with the GP's, CalTrain uses these Ex-SP Bay Window Cabooses. Nic Grabien photo

CalTrain Uses Ex-Southern Pacific GP9's for it's work trains, here is both sides of 3833 and 3842 at rest in San Francisco. Nic Grabien photo.

915 departs From San Francisco for a journey to San Jose. Nic Grabien photo
Amtrak 297 fills in for 910 while it went East for overhaul.
902 leads a 4 car Silver special. Silver Lodge, Express, Shore, & Chalet.
910 returns from back East, fully overhauled on the point of the Starlight.

911 pushes North to San Francisco.
915 pulled in at 0845, shut down, and didn't leave until 1500.
916 sports the Operation Lifesaver Logo.
Nice Line-up of CalTrains patiently awaiting the Afternoon call to duty.

CalTrain Gifs Drawn and copyrighted by Dan Klitzing. Re-posted here with his permission.

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