Roseville Yard

Light Power is hostled past the Amtrak Station to clear the switch, then will back through the yard to it's train
Northeast side of the shops
Southeast side of the shops
West Sacramento Local departs west out of Roseville.

I had an opportunity to get a inside look at the Roseville Yard on July 24, 1999. These are some of the photos that I took.

These wheelsets are waiting to replace bad ones at the Roseville One-Stop Car repair facility
This Flatcar is waiting to go into the One-Stop Repair shop, but I don't think they can help the flatcar's load
The shop switcher pushes a fixed car out, and spots a new one at the same time
The newly spotted car had a bent foot platform on the end, they straightened it out in short order

View of the retarders, unlike the old style compression retarders, these are pistons, that compress as the car rolls over top
A tank car heads over the hump
A close up of the pistons being compressed as the car rolls over it. It is very quiet, you get a metallic "tinking" sound
The Computer sets the proper compression of the piston to slow the car as it passes over the pistons

At the top of the Hump, the board gives the number of the car(s), and where to cut the car(s)
Close-up of the board
These two cars are on their way to Classification
Roseville humped several of these Bradley Fighting Vehicles during our visit

Looking East from the Hump "Tower"
Looking West towards the Hump tower. the steel covered channel contains all the wiring for the yard electrical components
Looking East is another view of the maintenance channel and more retarders
This pair of SP units was taking a cut to the head of the hump, for the Hump power to work with

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