Yolo Shortline Cab Ride

I had an opportunity to Ride with Jim Ley of the Yolo Shortline on July 25, 1999. These are some of the photos that I took.

Power for the day was Yolo #131, it is Ex Southern Pacific GP9 #3803

Eastbound Passenger rain, here we are heading on to the Yolo Causeway Bridge
The 5 car consist in tow
Track ahead, this location can be seen from Interstate 5
Just on the other side of this Spillway is Lovdal, this is the run-around point of the return to Woodland

Heading west, we cross the Yolo Causeway Trestle
This area has received fresh ballast and new ties
This Steam engine was a Saddle tank, it rusts in the overgrown brush
One of the several small roadway bridges along this part of the line

We needed to get to the two Center-beam flat cars, but YSLR 132 was blocking us. so we took it with us
Having set the Center-beams on the main, we return YSLR 132 back in it's place
SP Caboose #1156 was moved from the fairgrounds to the YSLR property, we had to move it to get to 5 loaded boxcars
Approaching the Cal-P, UP was kind enough to give us a Green Signal without any hassle

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