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CCR's Caboose pages are growing faster than I can keep up with, as such I am deviating from the theme that is prevailing on the rest of CCR's Pages, The new format as done below is a Table format. Click on the letters to get to the Railroad corresponding to the FIRST letter of the reporting mark and the Index page for that letter will open. Then click on the Reporting mark to see the caboose image. You will have to hit your "back" button to get back that page. Sorry for any inconvenience, but this way I can alphabetize my collection which now stands at 1200 (as of 04/18/11) caboose photos and climbing. If you have a caboose picture to add to this index, please E-mail it to me: atsf1547@gmail.com And I will gladly post it here. all photos credited to the photographer if known, or the image owner. All images used by permission. Pages with new cabooses added will have "New", Pages with updated pictures will have "Updated" listed below the letters. Below the Caboose index is the newest addition to the Caboose index. Check it out.

Caboose Index A
3 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index B
1 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index C
12 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index D-E-F
2 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index G-H-I
Updated 04/18/11
Caboose Index J-K-L
1 New 12/7/06
Caboose Index M-N-O
2 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index P-Q-R
3 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index S
10 New 07/22/07
Caboose Index T-U-V
4 New 2 Updated 07/22/07
Caboose Index W
22 New
1 Updated 07/22/07
Caboose Index X-Y-Z
1 New 2/15/05
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Captive Caboose List for the United States

Roger Kirkpatrick, long time keeper of the Captive Caboose list, is semi retiring from the position starting in 2006. It is his hope to just work on the list some 4 days a week versus the 7 days he's now putting in. To help him achieve his goal, he has enlisted the help of others to track the whereabouts of cabooses in various states. Here is a listing of those folks. If you have information on a caboose in a particular state on this list please send it to the individual listed here. They in turn will coordinate their efforts with those of Roger. As Roger explains it...

I began in the early 1980's hunting for and photographing B&O, C&O, and WM cabooses in Ohio and adjacent states. At that time I was using lists of extant cabooses from the above roads compiled by Dwight Jones, Columbus, OH. As I began to discover cabooses that were no longer at Dwight's locations and cabooses not on his lists, I began to add them to the lists and advise Dwight.

As I traveled around Ohio I saw lots of cabooses from non Chessie roads and began to list all cabooses in Ohio, knowing somebody would be interested. Then I did the same for West Virginia, then Kentucky, then Indiana, then ...

By 1990 the list included all of the states from the Hudson River to the Mississippi River plus Missouri, Kansas, and Colorado where my wife and I, both teachers, spent part of our summers. In the winter, spring, and summer of 1994, while on sabbatical leave in Leadville, CO, I added the states east of the Hudson and west of Colorado.

The rest, as they say, is history!

I'd personally like to express my gratitude to Roger Kirkpatrick for his efforts through the years to make tracking these cabooses possible today. Thank You Roger. David Epling. January 11, 2006.
Captive Caboose Lists Maintained by Central California Rails Website
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   State Caboose Chairs
(States without names are still looking for coordinators)

Dale E Burns
Larry Platt
David Epling
District of Columbia
Tim Moriarty
Jason Turcyn
Georgia - North (includes Columbus-Macon-Augusta)
Jonathan Guy 
Georgia - South (of Columbus-Macon-Augusta)
Stephen S. Syfrett
Greg Slaton
Maryland - West
Gerald Altizer
Maryland - East
Keith Berkebile
Boyd Owens
Joseph Y.
Missouri (North of I-70)
Don Vaughn
Missouri (South of I-70)
John Caples
Nebraska Nevada
David Epling
New Hampshire
Sean McInerney
New Jersey
New Mexico
New York
George Wybenga
North Carolina North Dakota
Donald Kinney
Oregon Pennsylvania
Patrick McKnight
Rhode Island
South Carolina South Dakota
Kent Staubus  
Jonathan Guy 
Mary Irving
Utah Vermont
Stephen Barner
Joe Shaw
Washington West Virginia
Gerald Altizer
Tim Martin
Wyoming United States
Roger Kirkpatrick
Ed Mertes
Last updated May 24, 2007

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