Central California Rails Caboose
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All of the Caboose pictures on this page belong to Railroads Starting with the letter "X, Y, or Z". If you have a caboose picture to add to this index, please E-mail it to me: ccrails2000@yahoo.com And I will gladly post it here. all photos credited to the photographer if known, or the image owner. All images used by permission.

Y&N 107 - NEW - Youngstown & northern 107, photographer and location unknown. S Roger Kirkpatrick collection
YV 15
- Yosemite Valley Railroad, l
ocation (probably El Portal) and photographer unknown. Webmasters collection
YWRR 001 - Yreka Western #001 (Nee McCloud RR # 025) at the Yreka Western Depot, Yreka CA
YSLR 601 - Yolo Shortline #601 (ex UP 25294) in Woodland, Caboose is used by a private party. Brian Williams photo

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