Virginia & Truckee

May 21, 2003, the V&T takes delivery of a "New" 80 Tonner, This unit was purchased by the V&T from the FRRS/Portola Railroad Museum, It has two new traction motors and a new paint job. It will pull the V&T's tourist operation for the 2003 operating season (which begins May 24, 2003).  Picture on the left taken by the webmaster has Norm Holmes of the FRRS running it to clear the grade crossing signals after the they had just placed her on the V&T's Rails. Picture 2 taken with the sun at her back by the webmasters daughter Deborah Epling.

Following 8 Digital images taken by Victoria Epling


V&T Shops.
V&T #29 pokes through under the road.
V&T #29 slowly makes progress.
V&T #29 approaches the grade crossing just south of the V&T Depot.

V&T #29 approaches the V&T Depot.
V&T #29 Takes the siding at the depot.
V&T #29 passes the depot.
V&T #29 runs around the train for the trip to Gold Hill.

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