Ione Branch/Amador Central

The Ione Branch runs from Galt California to Ione California where it connects with the Amador Central, a Shortline that ran between Ione and Martell until March 28, 1997. The Amador Central currently is in the process of resuming operations once again. Amador Central is owned by the Sierra Pacific Lumber Company. Except where noted, all photos on this page were taken by Paul DeRouen or his son David DeRouen. any inquiries about these photos can be sent to me, and I will forward them directly to them.

The Amador Central re-surfaced as the Amador Foothills Railroad shortly after the closure of the Amador Central. the next 4 pictures were taken by the webmaster on March 1, 2000 in Ione, CA. Unfortunately, 2004 was not good for California's Lumber hauling Shortlines as we saw the closure of the Quincy Railroad's Susanville Operations. (Both Quincy 12 and Quincy 1100 are now at the Portola Railroad Museum). We also saw the closure of most of the McCloud railway. The Yreka Western Railroad is closed pending bankruptcy relief, and sadly, On May 14, 2004. the Amador Foothills crew parked the #10 inside the AFRR/AMC shops in Martell for the last time.

Amador Foothills #10 arrives with outbounds at Ione, the UP Local awaits on the left.
Amador Foothills #10 pulls it's train onto the yard lead.
Amador Foothills #10 shoves it's train onto the interchange track.
In the day of modern communication, the UP crew and the AFRR crew resort to hand signals to communicate

Amador Central #9 gets worked on at the AC shops in Martell. John Barnhill photo
Amador Central #10 sits outside the shops at Martell. Jeff Black photo
Amador Central #11 approaches Hwy 88 enroute to Martell. John Barnhill photo
Amador Central #12 receives maintenance at the AC shops in Martell. John Barnhill photo

Amador Central #10 leads a empty lumber train back to Martell
Amador Central #10 leads the same train but at a different location
Amador Central #10 leads the same train but at a different location
Amador Central #10 takes a loaded train to Ione

Amador Central #10, a Baldwin S-12 served the AC faithfully
Amador Central #11 leads the last train into the Ione yard. the date is March 28, 1996
Amador Central #11 Returns light to Martell to be put away for good
Amador Central #11 replaced AC's venerable Baldwin, seen here departing the Ione yard

AC #11 works the Ione Yard
This is an overall view of the AC's Ione Yard
The Lodi Local travels up the Ione Branch to interchange with the AC
Lodi Local works the Ione yard.

SP 3186, with David DeRouen at the Throttle enroute to Ione.
SP 3822 just east of Galt enroute to Ione.
SP 4844 and 2 SW1500's run light at Herald, David DeRouen is again at the Throttle.
Lodi Local works the Ione Branch, seen here at Herald.

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