Boneheadology 2

This Webpage was featured on the July 26 radio show "Let's Talk Trains

Eckley California Boneheads Boca California Bonehead

This time they saw Amtrak Capitol 734 coming and got out of the way in time...just barely.
Boca California bonehead, yes there is a WB train coming.
We are switching here, train is moving forward
We are switching here, train is moving forward

CCT running down B street in Stockton CA
Same tracks different Bonehead. yes the train is moving
We are switching here, train is moving forward
We are switching here, train is moving forward

Idiot running to beat a train in Stockton CA
Amtrak #5 approaching Virginia Street in Reno NV, Gates are coming down
Same train, different Bonehead
This idiot wanted to beat the oncoming last run of the Tidewater Southern

This guy climbed between the MOVING train, the guy next to the tank car is walking around it.
Napa Valley Wine Train boneheads, these three idiots went around the down gates to get caught at Hwy 29
Boneheads are in Canada as well, this shot is located in Vernon British Columbia. Lil Quong photo.
These people are walking down the middle of the Union Pacific Mainline in Marysville CA.


This genius stopped and waved at the approaching BNSF train. Vicki Epling photo
This genius watched the approaching Reno Local and punched it instead of waiting.

This idiot is a different story. The BNSF train is entering a siding - rather slow moving train. The guy in the white pick-up doesn't stop where he's supposed to, but gets as close as he can to the BNSF train. At this crossing there are 4 parallel tracks. What he didn't realize (idiots have no brain, so...) is that he was blocking the adjacent track to the one the BNSF train was on. To my dismay, I saw a mixed KCS freight coming towards him (he was moving pretty good). The engineer had to blare his horn (continuously). I think he was getting frustrated/couldn't believe it. The driver of the pick-up barely moved out of its way (barely - very slowly and just enough room to miss getting hit). I just couldn't believe it!!! Emanuel Neiconi story and photos.

These 4 idiots are at the entrance to CSX's Boyles Yard, AL. The trains are moving, not blazing, but moving at a good speed. In each case, the gates are down and the lights are flashing. Emanuel Neiconi photos.


West Pittsburg near McAvoy Harbor on the BNSF. Brian Chiara Photo
Verdi NV, these Rocket Scientists look like they were trying to see if they could jump into the Truckee River.
Napa CA, Napa Valley Wine Train, this is a 4 way grade crossing. all signals are activated and this guy sped on.
Reno NV, This idiot stood and waved at the crew for about a minute. Vicki Epling Digital photo.
Reno NV, this truck driver just kept going, the glow just behind the driving axles are #6's headlights, the grade crossing signals ARE on at this time and #6 was going nuts with the whistle. Vicki Epling Digital photo.

The following 8 images were taken during a GCCI training course in Stockton. GCCI stands for Grade Crossing Collision Investigation and is a new training program has been implemented by the Railroads and Operation Lifesaver to train Law Enforcement officers to properly investigate grade crossing collisions. I was given the opportunity to ride in the locomotives along with Officers form several different Law Enforcement Agencies as they ran up and down the BNSF line in Stockton CA to teach them what was considered a violation of trespassing and grade crossing laws. In addition to the people in the locomotives, there were officers on the ground giving warnings and/or citations.

BNSF 4936 and 1097 are the power for the day. Manteca PD, CHP and Amtrak PD pose their cars.
This Bicyclist didn't even turn and look at us.
Here is another guy who walked in front of the train approaching us on the main line.
And another Pedestrian. Notice the gates ARE down.

This guy was classic, not only did he cross in front of us, but right in front of all the Officers standing there.
Same gentleman getting a heart to heart from the California Highway Patrol, he was only warned.
This bicyclist crossed in front of us and a BNSF special agent, who is talking to him now, he was cited.
BNSF Special Agent, BNSF Grade Crossing coordinator talk to Channel 3 news crew.

The First three pictures are a slow moving train, these 3 vehicles couldn't wait any longer. 
I don't know what this guy was thinking, the train is moving towards the crossing just out of camera view to the right.

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