Project 2467

SP 2467 is a Southern Pacific 4-6-2 Pacific Class locomotive that was restored in Oakland California in 1999, the restoration crew was able to attend Railfair 99. The photos on this page were taken by Howard Wise and are copyrighted by Howard and posted here with his permission

The final touches go on
Very proud and restored 2467
Minor touch up to the lettering
Water in the tender...LET'S GO TO RAILFAIR!!!!

The last of the lettering, 2467 is now completely identified
Very proud group of people look over the finished boiler Jacket
Painter Brian Wilson, begins the job of painting the jacket
Handrails now begin to go on

View of the Jacket work
View of the Jacket work
View of the Jacket work
The tender now sports her identity

These 4 pictures are of the Boiler Jacket work that continues

Inspectors and crew discuss a clearance issue
2467 moves out onto the test track
2467 moving down the test track
2467 blowing her steam whistle for the crossing

Steve Lee's pickup truck, he was at 2467's FRA inspection today (June 3, 1999)
Boilermaker tightens the packing on the air compressor
200 pounds on the Gauge
Boiler Jacket work continues

Blue sign on a hot Locomotive
The face of 2467
No longer anonymous, 2467 proudly shows off her newly painted number
A very Dedicated crew of Volunteers hard at work

SHE LIVES!!!!! That is genuine steam coming out of the stack!
SP 5 chime announces the first powered movement in 43 years
A short but dramatic moves under her own power, thrilled a dozen or so viewers
Putting her away at the end of a very successful test.

The following pictures were taken during the brickwork that was done in early May 1999. The materials and the work to install them are being graciously donated by J. T. Thorpe and Sons of Richmond, California

A very happy Boilermaker Mike Russel, his baby steamed!
The Thorpe Crew (Left to right) Rick, Ken, and Rod
The bare steel firebox, ready for brick
A bedding layer of mortar in the firepan

Custom cutting fire brick to fit perfectly
Brick Artist Rod hard at work
View toward the burner, finished and ready for fire
View toward the firebox

New Brick around the burner area
Applying high-tech insulation to the right cylinder
2467 under steam? looks like it, but it is not yet, this is from a steam cleaner piped through the oil tank heater line.
An ongoing discussion on the SP list prompted Howard to send me this photo of the 5623, the green color's official name is Seafoam Green, and he has yet to find a name for the beige

Boiler backhead lagging and jacket, Fireman's side...Before
Boiler backhead lagging and jacket, Fireman's side...After
Boiler backhead lagging and jacket, Engineer's side...Before
Boiler backhead lagging and jacket, Engineer's side...After

Volunteer Brian Wilson Works to fabricate a boiler jacket part
Volunteer Brian Wilson Works to fabricate a boiler jacket part
Workers put the petticoat back in the smokebox
Workers putting the smokebox cover back on

Workers now lifting the cab back in place
Original boiler jacket pieces being prepared as templates for brand new ones
Master Mechanic Errol Ohman measures for new boiler jacketing
Boilermaker Mike Russel installs custom made water hoses between the loco and the tender

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