Ringling Brothers and
 Barnum & Bailey Circus

The RBBB Circus Train (Red Unit) arrived in Reno Nevada at 1030am August 12, 2003, this is the first time in 17 years that this train has been in the Reno/Sparks Area. The pictures here are of the train, some of the cars, and the trains trip up the Reno Branch to Parr Yard. At the bottom will be links for 4 AVI's of the trains movement. Enjoy.


UP 8683 was the lead unit over Donner into Sparks
UP 9662 Was the middle unit
UP 9249 was the trailing unit, it would later become the lead unit for the trip to Parr yard


The Circus train carries 2 97' Container cars
Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my! Ok, Tigers actually
4 Converted Baggage cars carry the Elephants
While the Train crew switches out the flat cars for the run to Parr, the RBBB people water the elephants

Switching in Sparks. Read the descriptions from left to right below the pictures

Power shoves the coaches and sleepers back towards the Sparks Depot
Coaches and sleepers being shoved back
Setting out the flat cars for the trip to Parr Yard
UPPD officer was real good about leaving us alone. The line is the yellow pole at the bottom right
Pulling the flats back out onto the siding
More of the flats
More of the flats
More of the flats
Backing up to pick up the power flat
The last of the flats, the train will now head up to Parr Yard

Trip up the Reno Branch


First 3 pictures are of the train just after it entered the Reno Branch
Crossing Interstate 80
Paralleling Evans Ave
Farther up Evans Ave behind UNR
Another shot of behind UNR, this is where the Elephants were later unloaded
Crossing over N McCarran (AVI below is at this location)
Crossing the last grade crossing just north of N McCarran and headed for Parr

Arrival at Parr Yard


Train arrives at Parr Yard, cuts off Elephant Cars
Train heads north to clear the crossing
Train heads north to clear the crossing different view
Train now backing onto the South lead at Parr yard
Another view of the power spotting the Flats at Parr Yard
And a final view of the Flats set out at Parr Yard. At this point the power was going to take the Elephants back to Evans and off load them, but unfortunately I was out of time and unable to watch this event. Hands down this was one of the best railfanning days in Reno/Sparks.

AVI Videos of the Circus train in Reno/Sparks, These are silent videos taken using the Video feature of my digital camera. IF the videos will not play for you, highlight the link, right click and save target as, this should download the video to your hard drive, and Windows Media or Apple Real Time will allow you to view it locally. The other thing noticed with these files are that they film 'dark" use your viewer settings to brighten the screen so you can see it better. File sizes are under the Video name.

Switching at Sparks #1
File size: 4.07mb
Switching at Sparks #2
File Size: 2.26mb
On the Reno Branch
File Size: 3.55mb
Arrival at Parr Yard
File Size: 4.19mb

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