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CCR is ever expanding outside of it's Borders. This page has pictures taken on my trip to Chicago March 22-30, 2003. Photos of The Museum Science and Industry, Rochelle Railroad Park, Metra, and Pete Robinson's 16" gauge Waterman & Western. If you have any questions or corrections. Please e-mail me: ccrails20000@yahoo.com

The very first train attraction I visited was the 16" Gauge Waterman & Western, Located just east of Chicago proper in Waterman Illinois. W&W owner Pete Robinson has scratch built the equipment seen here. Pete Graciously allowed me to run both the train and the Railbus. Thanks Pete

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The above 5 pictures were taken during the trip into Chicago proper.  Image #1 is Metra 178, this unit pushed our train to Chicago over Union Pacific's West Line, Geneva to the Ogilvie Transportation Center. We boarded at Glen Ellyn. Image #2 is a shot of some of the complicated trackage leading into Ogilvie. This is a 12 track station. Image #3 is CTA's Elevated Train of the Green Line arrives at the Garfield Station. I took the same color train going south to the Chicago Museum of Science and Industry. Image #4 is of the same train departing the station. Image #5 is the first thing you see as you pay for your ticket at the Museum of Science & Technology. The Pioneer Zephyr. Image #6 is of the inside of the tail car of the Pioneer Zephyr. I highly recommend this attraction if you visit.

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During a hunt for cabooses, We came across the Fox River Trolley Museum. The 2 cabooses there are on the caboose page. Image #1 is a 70 tonner that the museum uses as their primary switch engine. Image #2 is of several Antique but still working CTA (Chicago Transit Authority) cars. And Image 3, is a blast from home, A San Francisco Municipal Railway PCC car. The museum was closed when we were there, but a nice gentleman was kind enough to unlock the chains and give us a tour of the facility.

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No legitimate railfan would visit Chicago without a visit to the Rochelle Train Park. Image #1 is the first thing you see as you enter the park. A hobby and Railroadania Shop. Image #2 is the small 7 ton Whitcomb on display. Image #3 is the Crossing side of Rochelle, the little thing on the roof is the trains.com Webcam. Images 4 and 5 are of the inside of the Train Parks structure, there are 4 picnic tables, a BBQ pit on the other side, and papers around the ceiling with Railroad info. There is also a Scanner that broadcasts both BNSF and UP Radio Traffic. Image #6 is The view from under the structure looking at the crossings. Image #7 is of SP 240 and a UP SD90MAC hauling a Eastbound Coal Train. Image #8 Is UP 3095 hauling a westbound Manifest. Image #9 is UP 5934 hauling another Eastbound Coal Train. Image #10 is of an unpatched CNW 8575. Images 11 and 12 are of the BNSF Local that was working the area. 

Observations: YOU could spend a month in Chicago and STILL NOT see everything Railroad related. Bets deal: METRA has a weekend all day pass that for 5.00, you can ride the system all day long...I ever move to Chicago...you guys may never see me again<G> 

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