Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum

The information on these pages pertain to the Altoona Pennsylvania Railroaders Museum located in Altoona PA, Currently the images here are only digital images and hard images taken by SLR camera will be added later. The Museum has an official Website located at: The photos on this page do not in any way properly convey the massive amount of information displayed at this museum. If you are in the area, it is definitely a must see visit as well as the sister location...Horseshoe Curve. Hover your mouse over the images for details about that image, and click on the image to see a full screen version of the image.

Altoona Railroaders Memorial Museum

Railroaders Museum as seen from the parking lot Mock up of the cab of PRR 1361 This was one of the neater displays, it is a freight car classification game. Signaling display built around the HO scale Model Railroad layout
Horseshoe Curve was (and still is) so well known that during World War 2, it was the target of a Nazi Sabotage attempt (Broken up by the FBI before it could happen) Altoona's History dates back to the Civil War and warrants this display Display case shows the fine dining offered to passengers riding the Pennsylvania Railroad Altoona not only repaired locomotives, but they built them as well, the Pennylvania T1's were probably the most famous of these locomotives
 Phone display on how Railroaders lived by the phone Railroaders Memorial wall. A friend of mine's grandfather is pictured on this wall Another Visitor interface game on Railroad classification Standard Ticket window used by the PRR   

HO scale layout inside the Museum on the third floor

High view of the modeled portion of the Altoona Shops Another View of the Altoona Layout Same View of the layout with the PRR Passenger train (Visitor activated) Opposit end of the layout with the Visitor activated Coal train pulled by a Conrail unit, Conrail took over the consoldiated NYC and PRR (Penn Central RR) in 1971 Another view of the layout
 Another view of the modeled Altoona Shops Another view of the layout and it's surrounding displays O scale static displays of PRR Operations O scale static displays of PRR Operations O scale static displays of PRR Operations

An article on the construction of this layout appeared in The January 2004 issue of Model Railroader Magazine

Horseshoe Curve

 194 steps to the top...too bad the Funicular was closed on my visit View from the parking lot of a Westbound TOFC train traversing Horseshoe Curve View from the parking lot of a Eastbound Coal train traversing Horseshoe Curve VIew from the top of the curve...better to go when the Funicular is operating : ) Pennsylvania Railroad  GP9 #7048 is on permanent display at the park at the top of the curve

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