Stockton Tower Interior

Jim Atkins is a Signal Technician and participated in the Decommissioning of the Stockton Tower, he took a number of photos of the interior of the tower just prior to the tower being closed, the photos are posted here are his, my thanks to him for immortalizing the tower in photos and allowing them to be posted on these pages

Second Floor. North Wall Relay Rack
Second Floor West Wall Relay Rack, because of the Asbestos, signalmen were no longer allowed to drill into the boards
Second Floor, South Wall Relay Rack
Another view of the South Wall Relay Rack

Amp and Volt Meters on the Power Distribution Panel
Signal Maintainer's Desk, Second Floor, North Wall
Drill press, ground floor, run by 110v DC switch machine, which ran off of the Tower Battery
Battery Room, Ground Floor

East end of the interlocking machine
View of the Model Board
Power gauges on the top floor, North wall
Another view of the Model Board

Monday January 11th, The Stockton Record paid a visit (r) UP signal inspector Steve Hudson listens in
View of the machine
View of the machine
And another view of the Machine

Top being north, this is a close-up of the Model board showing the tracks just west of the tower
Another close-up of the model board, showing the tracks at the Tower proper
Signal maintainers prepare to make the cut-over
Steve still hanging out in the Tower

Operators Desk area
Looking south at CP Scotts
Another view of CP Scotts
One last look at the Desk Area for the Tower operator

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