Virginia & Truckee Historical Images

The Virginia & Truckee began operations in in 1869, by 1874, the "Queen of the Shortlines" as she was called, had reached Reno to the North and Minden to the South. In 1950, the V&T ceased revenue operations and was dismantled. Part of her survives today as a tourist Railroad running between Virginia City and Gold Hill, Efforts are underway to run her all the way down to Carson City. Stay tuned for that. The pictures on these page are from the Webmasters collection of historical V&T photos and postcards. For questions or comments, please e-mail

These two images are postcards, they can be found on a fairly regular basis on Ebay.


Standard Photo of V&T #12, AKA The Genoa. Location unknown but is probably Minden.
Standard Photo of the Genoa in Virginia City, the stacks of the Con-Virginia mine are in the background.
Postcard View of the V&T
20 the Tahoe and the 24 the Merrimac heads up an Ore train in Virginia City
Postcard view of V&T #25 and #27 taking on water at the Carson City shops. 

Standard Photo of V&T #25 (Never named) enters the V&T yards in Virginia City.
Postcard view of V&T #25 at the Carson City Station.
Standard Photo View of #5. This is the second #5 That was purchased from the Nevada Copper Belt in 1947
Standard Photo of the V&T Carson City Shops and Turntable.
Postcard View of the Crown Point Ravine Bridge circa 1893.

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