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Union Pacific 2117 is on display at Travel Town Museum in Los Angeles
Santa Fe 1869 is part of the train station in San Juan Capistrano
From Hawaii, Oahu Railway & Land #C-1, it is on display at Travel Town in Los Angeles
Two Union Pacific Cabooses 25072, 25084 are at the Stardust Motel, 1057 Ball Road and Chinese restaurant in Anaheim, there are  2 passenger cars are behind them

Northwestern Pacific caboose #28 is on display in Colfax, CA
Western Pacific 676, is on display in Truckee, CA
Burlington Northern 12388 Wide-Vision was in all places, Sparks, Nevada on March 24, 1999
Florida East Coast Caboose 814. Robert Fish/Rich Warner photo

Southern Pacific Polk Local tied down at Florin Yard in 1974. Caboose is #1250. Paige McFadden Photo
Seaboard Coast Line Caboose #05621, Raleigh North Carolina. Warren Calloway Photo
Sierra Railroad Caboose #9 , located in Jamestown California. Bret Haines Photo
These two Cabooses are fixtures at BNSF's Mormon yard in Stockton. California

Santa Fe Caboose # 999337 on Display in Planada, California
Santa Fe Caboose # 999465 on Display in Escalon, California
Santa Fe Caboose # 999713 on Display in Knightsen, California
Burlington Northern Wide Vision Caboose #12145 still in service. Stockton California

Southern Pacific Caboose #1212 on Display in Byron, California
Southern Pacific Cupola Caboose #1197, undergoing restoration in Folsom California
Southern Pacific Caboose #1337 on Display at the Feather River Railroad Society Museum in Portola.
NorthWestern Pacific Wooden Caboose #13 on Display in Pleasanton, Calif.

Missouri Pacific transfer caboose #13878 located at the Feather River Railroad Society Museum in Portola
Missouri Pacific Caboose #13522, Photo taken in Fairfield California in March 1997
Rarity in these days, but this caboose was on the rear of a Westbound UP using BNSF tracks
Union Pacific used this caboose (UP 25833) daily on it's run to Pittsburg Calif. via the BNSF

Union Pacific Caboose 25290, Stockton 1983, John Manter photo
Union Pacific Caboose 25608 is on display at the Spaghetti factory in Rancho Cordova
Union Pacific Caboose 25232, Laramie Wyoming May 1998, John Manter Photo
Western Pacific Caboose 429, Stockton 1983. John Manter photo

Outside wood braced caboose, Former Western Pacific, parked next to a Bar in Waterloo California
Wooden Caboose in Monterey. Former Western Pacific #641
Sacramento Northern Wooden Caboose 1632 at the Feather River Railroad Society Museum in Portola, Calif.
Western Pacific Bay Window Caboose #449 on display at the Nevada State Railroad Museum in Carson City, Nevada

Western Pacific Caboose #484 on Display at the Feather River Railroad Society Museum in Portola
Western Pacific Caboose #467 on Display at Niles, California
Central California Traction wooden caboose #23. Alan Radecki Photo
Central California Traction Caboose #24, still on CCT property but no longer used

Another view of the Central California Traction Caboose.
Portland & Western Operation Lifesaver Caboose from Oregon, Travis Zigler Photo
Maine Central caboose #680 on display in Bangor, Maine. John Manter photo
Interior of the Maine Central #680. John Manter photo

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