The Gunderson Stacks and Front Runners are my designs. the Long Runner is adapted from a pair of Dan Klitzing's 89's flats. You may use these gifs on your own website or other areas, provided that proper credit is given to Central California Rails Website. You can use either text credit or the Gif image above. If you do not see a gif here, and cannot find one at any of the sites on the RR Gif Webring at the bottom of RR Gif's index page, E-mail me and I will gladly paint one to your specifications.

TTX Front Runner Front Runner w/ BNSF Trailer Front Runner w/ SP Golden Pig Trailer
SeaLand Gunderson Double Stack Cars TTX Long Runner Empty
SeaLand Gunderson w/ Hapag-Lloyd Load TTX Long Runner right facing
SeaLand Gunderson w/Misc Containers TTX Long Runner left facing
BNSF Mi-Jack Lift. (For a great animation of this Lift, see Reality Scaled Gifs)

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