Freight Cars

Unlike the other pages, the Freight cars are primarily my design and paintings. You may use these gifs on your own website or other areas, provided that proper credit is given to Central California Rails Website. You can use either text credit or the Gif image above. If you do not see a gif here, and cannot find one at any of the sites on the RR Gif Webring at the bottom of RR Gif's index page, E-mail me and I will gladly paint one to your specifications.

Western Pacific 50' Boxcar Stockton Terminal & Eastern 50' Santa Fe 50' Boxcar
Sacramento Central 50' Boxcar   Western Fruit Express Mechanical Reefer Santa Fe  Mechanical Reefer
Pacific Fruit Express Mechanical Reefer Golden West (VCY) Mechanical Reefer ADMX Corn Syrup Tank Car
BNSF Coil Car Sacramento Central Coil Car Southern Pacific Gondola Car
BNSF PS2 Covered Hopper Southern Pacific ACF Covered hopper Union Pacific ACF Covered Hopper
Cotton Belt ACF Covered Hopper Trailer Train Bulkhead Flat Burlington Northern Bulkhead Flat
Sacramento Central Bulkhead Flat Sacramento Central Center Beam TTX Flat with Napa Pipe Load
Chessie ACF Covered Hopper Western Pacific ACF Covered Hopper Golden West ACF Covered Hopper
DRGW ACF Covered Hopper DRGW Loaded Coal Hopper DRGW Empty Coal Hopper
Rock Island Small ACF Hopper Rock Island Large ACF Hopper Rock Island Boxcar, CNW marks
Chessie Airslide GN Boxcar GWS Gondola

  Highland Pacific
(Model Railroader Nov 1989)

  Highland Pacific
(Model Railroader Nov 1989)

New BNSF Reefer
HP Boxcar, open Door (Charles White Drawing)

HP Gondola
(Charles White Drawing)

MD&W Boxcar
MEC Boxcar SECX 3 Bay Loaded SECX 3 Bay Empty
Sierra Boxcar DRGW Stockcar ATSF Stockcar
Great Northern Stockcar Rock Island Stockcar Southern Pacific Stockcar
Texas & Pacific Stockcar Union Pacific Stockcar Port Huron & Detroit Boxcar
Railbox Boxcar Tidewater Southern Cornucopia  Boxcar (Eugene Vicknair Drawing)  Tidewater Southern Boxcar (Eugene Vicknair Drawing) 

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