The following gifs are new additions to the website. You may use these gifs on your own website or other areas, provided that proper credit is given to Central California Rails Website. You can use either text credit or the Gif image above. If you do not see a gif here, E-mail me and I will gladly draw and paint one to your specifications.

Aug 8, 2005 - New Central California Traction SW1500 Locomotive gifs added
Oct 21, 2003 - New Gifs for the Port Huron & Detroit, and the Tidewater Southern. See Locomotive, caboose, freight & passenger pages.
Sept 7, 2003 - Yolo Shortline GP9 and Ca5 Caboose
Sept 7, 2003 - NEW SP Pacific 4-6-2, SP Commute Harrimans, Several new 40' Stockcars, SP, UP Cabooses
Sept 5, 2003 -  NEW RBBB Circus Train, New Cabooses, New cars, new locomotives, Napa Valley Wine Train
Aug 30, 2003 - New military equipment and locomotives added
July 16, 2003 - New military loads and flats added to Military page
July 14, 2003 - ALL NEW!!! Military gifs page. Still more gifs to be drawn for it
June 4, 2003 - New SPSF Caboose (yes ATSF did a few in the paint)
June 2, 2003 - New Locomotive and Caboose Gifs Drawn and placed.
Jan 10, 2003 - After a year break, I am back, American Orient Express Train now on Passenger pages.
Jan 4, 2002 - SECX (Coal Hauler) GP20, GP38, and 3 bay hoppers added
Dec 28, 2001 - CSX B36-7, and B40-8's added
Dec 25, 2001 - United Kingdom Locomotive added
Oct 29, 2001 - MEC (Guilford) Caboose, SP1 Caboose, and BN Executive Caboose added
July 24, 2001 - California Northern GP30, GP35. Nevada & Pacific GP9 (model railroad)

Apr 18, 2001 - L&N GP18, MEC Boxcar, Sierra Boxcar, DRGW Stockcar, Mi-jack Lift
Feb 26, 2000 - Nickel Plate Road GP9, SW9, and Caboose
Jan 24, 2000 - Sierra Railroads Dinner Train on Special Page
Dec 22, 2000 - SP Trainmaster, Sierra's Baldwin S12 in the new Dinner Train Paint
Dec 18, 2000 - UP SW10
Dec 15, 2000 - UP AC4400CW, ST&E SW1200, MDW Boxcar
Oct 13, 2000 - New SP Locomotives, GP40X and GP40P-2, Model SD45T-2 RR&W
Sept 20, 2000 - New Narrow Gauge page and gifs, new freight, caboose and Locomotives.
Sept 5, 2000 - 2 New Highland Pacific Locomotives, Hopper and Caboose, and New BNSF Reefer.
Sept 3, 2000 - FNM PA's in both daylight and Two Tone Blue, Highland Pacific MRC Passenger Train, E units and Boxcar.
Aug 18, 2000 - 2 New BNSF Bus Cars. "John S. Reed" and left and right views of "Santa Fe".

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