Missouri Pacific 13878

MP 13878 Short Bay Window Caboose lives at the Western Pacific Railroad Museum in Portola CA.

MP 13878 Is used on the WPRM's Caboose trains. It is slated to be adapted to carry Wheelchair bound passengers and be repainted after the modifications are made.

The A deck end is open, this is the end that will be modified to accept a wheelchair bound passenger. The handrails will become a locking gate.

The B deck end is also open, but this end contains the fuel tank for the inside heater. The heater works and is used every December for the WPRM's Santa Trains.

Opposite the heater fuel tank on the B end is another bench for passenger seating during the WPRM's Summer Train rides that run between May and September every year.

Looking towards the A end on the left side. This is a pure crew side, there are compartments for storage of equipment and 2 adjustable seats in the bay section.

Looking towards the A end again, this view shows the bench seat and a wall mounted storage area for paperwork and a first aid kit. The First Aid kit is intact.

Looking towards the B end, on the left side is the conductors chair. This chair spins around and the small shelf behind it serves as a conductors Desk. The heater is behind the desk.

Looking towards the B end again is a front view of the 2 crew chairs also in the bay window section This side also has a Desk, Stretcher closet and the Emergency lever to dump the air.

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