BK&E Railroad

The BK & E Railroad is located in Ellis Kansas at the Ellis Railroad Museum. We found this operation unexpectedly as we were on the return leg of the Rails Across America 2 page. Ellis Kansas is located on Interstate 70 about 250 miles west of Kansas City. Also located on the grounds of this park train is UP Caboose #25549 and the former Ellis Depot. We never were able to find out what BK&E stands for, but a good guess on the K is Kansas and the E is Ellis. Photos of the caboose are located on the caboose index page of this website. all photos taken by the Webmaster 11/17/04. Click on the photos for a larger photo, hover your mouse over the thumbs for photo details.

 Sign in front of Ellis RR Museum Ellis Kansas Depot Hours and days of Operation sign on Depot Interesting model of Grain Elevators typical of Kansas  Front right roster shot of Ottoway Locomotive Nameplate on Locomotive Controls of the Locomotive Serial number and Ottoway info plate on Locomotive Front left roster shot of Ottoway LocomotiveRear of Ottoway Locomotive ADA compliant coach Coach Tail car End of train at platform ROW parallels the UP Main here ROW departing the depot ROW looping back to the depot 

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