Scenery Across America

Here you will find the non-railroad scenery and points of interest photos we have taken so far. you are welcome to keep track of our non-railfan experiences on this page

May 15, 1999
Brunswick, ME - Kennebunkport, ME

City Skyline of Bangor Maine, looking west across the Penobscot River
The Farthest East you can go from Brunswick is Bailey Island
This Bridge is the access from Orr Island to Bailey Island, using rock cribbing only
City Skyline of Portland Maine, looking up the Portland Ship Channel

May 15, 1999
Brunswick, ME - Kennebunkport, ME

Portland Headlight is the oldest continously working lighthouse in the US
Another view of the Portland Headlight, it was dedicated by Pres. George Washington in 1791
Land's End at the end of Bailey Island, you can see Halfway Rock Lighthouse in the distance
Land's End Gift Shop and Fisherman's Monument on the right

May 13, 1999
Brunswick, ME - Bangor, ME

Bath Naval Shipyard, there were 3 Arleigh Burke Class Aegis Destroyers being worked on
We crossed this suspension bridge over the Penobscot River
Maine Coastal highway 1 passes over tons of these Atlantic Ocean Inlets
This is a house by the inlet at Wiscasset

May 13, 1999
Brunswick, ME - Bangor, ME

Maine knows this area of Newcastle is photogenic, they have a wide pull off the road for it
Green Lake Road, access to the Manter summer home at Green Lake
this view of Green Lake Road shows a little of Green Lake
The Manter Summer home at Green Lake

May 7, 1999
Stockton, CA - Wells, NV

May 7, 1999 Snow still almost buries the SP snowsheds at Donner Pass
Carlin Tunnels located about 15 miles west of Elko NV
Looking east to Nevada, about 10 miles inside Utah at the Bonneville Speedway

May 8, 1999
Wells, NV - Cheyenne, WY

Flaming Gorge in Green River Wyoming
Continental Divide, just like the sign says
This tree is growing out of solid rock between Laramie and Cheyenne

May 9-10, 1999
Cheyenne, WY - South Bend, IN

There were 4 of these little bunnies at the visitor center at Bailey Yard in North Platte
The mighty Mississippi River
Notre Dame in South Bend Indiana

May 11, 1999
South Bend, IN - Syracuse, NY

Indiana Sunrise
All the bridges across the NY Thruway were steel girder...except this one
Locks for the original Erie Canal still stand just west of Syracuse NY

May 12, 1999
Syracuse, NY - Brunswick ME

These little farms dot the landside along the NY Thruway
The Patesqua River bridge is the crossing between Maine and New Hampshire
Rest Stop in Maine, they don't look tis good in California

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