Using PayPal for credit card transactions is quite easy. If you don't already have a PayPal account, you will first want to set one up. (You will also be able to use your PayPal account when shopping on eBay.)   Once you click on the PayPal button below, simply click on "Sign up for your free PayPal Account!"  You will be presented with a 1-page form to fill out, then click "Sign up".
Once your account is established, simply click on the "Send Money tab". The recipient's email address will be Under "amount" note the total for the item(s) you will be purchasing. To receive your hat order by Priority Mail, include $4 for shipping. (If you order 3 or more hats, Priority shipping is free.) (No shipping charge for other products.) Under "note", please indicate what item(s) that you are purchasing, as well as the address that you would like them sent to.
Once you have all of the information noted on the page, click "send money" and your order will be sent to us. We generally will ship on the next business day."

You may wish to print this page for future reference. Please click on the PayPal logo below to begin your order.


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