Casa de Fruta

The Railroad is known as the Casa de Choo Choo. It is located on Ca Hwy 152 2 miles east of the junction of CA 152 and CA 159 in Hollister CA. The train itself is a 16" gauge that has been made up to appear as a Santa Fe GP type diesel locomotive with 4 Open seat gondola cars. Track layout is a 2 mile long double figure 8. Rides are 5.49 per person, track features include Pacheco creek, tunnel, Carousel (Ticket includes carousel ride) and a small zoo. Also located in front of the depot is a well done wooden mockup of a 4-4-0 Steam locomotive (last image). Of note is at one time the line was 12" gauge and had a live steam locomotive. there are pictures of the locomotive in the case De Restaurant. The locomotive now runs on the Wabash and Frisco in Glencoe MO.

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