Bishop Pumpkin Farm

Bishop Pumpkin Farm is located on the western border of Wheatland CA. The Railroad is 24" gauge, uses concrete ties with the rails lag bolted into the concrete. The run is relatively short but it departs the station and does a gentle S curve into a short tunnel. Then the train does an at-grade crossing that I was unable to get a picture of, but was interesting to see given that the grossing was simply a square with notches in it with no rail guards. Despite that the system works. The rails then go out in a short oval before returning to the crossing. After the crossing the train crosses over a shallow 40' long wooden trestle. the tracks then head back along the pumpkin patch and back across the same small drainage via another low 40' long curved trestle. the train then skirts a small picnic area before curving back into the train station. The rolling stock is draw-barred together, but the brakes are air controlled by the engineer All the rolling stock is stenciled with the Railroad's initials, and are numbered for the year they were built. The pictures below are taken roughly in the order of the ride, as well as somewhat individual photos of the equipment. Rides are 2.00 pp.

BPFL Station BPFL Tunnel BPFL Water Tower BPFL Animal pens BPFL Pumpkin Patch and Picnic area BPFL final curve approaching stationBPFL's first loco F unit mock-up #1991 BPFL's primary Locomotive, an SW type mock-up with an Isuzu Diesel motor BPFL's Control room for the SW unit #1999 BPFL train BPFL CoachBPFL Cattle Car BPFL Gondola Car BPFL Caboose

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