El Dorado, Boa Vista & Apple Ridge Railroad

The El Dorado, Boa Vista & Apple Ridge Railroad circles a small pond at the El Dorado Orchards (Apple Hill Grower #19) is located at 2881 North Canyon Rd. in Placerville CA. Rides are 2.50 pp. The ride takes about 5 minutes. The train is a home made mock-up, a gasoline motor sits in the cab of the locomotive and the engineer operates from the tender. The track gauge looks to be 20". Of interesting note on the tracks. The rails are welded to metal ties which are then fastened to wooden ties. The last 2 pictures on this page are close-ups of this track work. hold your mouse over the pictures for a description of the picture, then click on the image for a larger picture. Click back on your browser to get back to this page

El Dorado, Boa Vista & Apple Ridge Railroad Logo Train departs the station Train on the far side of the lagoon Train on the opposite side of the lagoon Train across the lagoon from the depot
Train on last 1/3rd of the Railroad Train approaching the last curve that appears to have been freshly replaced and ballasted Train on final leg and is just seconds away from the depot Close-up of trackwork methods Close-up of trackwork methods

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